What Jesus Worry?

In addition to all the wisdom he imparted and miracles he performed, Jesus Christ never worried. It’s not that people never burdened him with their problems, but his understanding of the Good News made him apparently impervious to anxiety and doubt.

“Jesus, they won’t let us in until we pay the tax!” No problem, go catch a fish and you’ll find the money in its mouth.

“Jesus, this storm is going to sink the boat and we’re all going to die!” Peace. Be still.

“Jesus, there’s not enough to feed all these people, not even close.” Just share what you have and it’ll be enough.

“Jesus, I’ve been fishing all night but nothing’s biting.” Try the other side of the boat.

“Jesus, they want to kill you!” I’ll lay my life down…and pick it up again.

In each of those scenarios, the people probably didn’t believe him at first–his way sounds almost too easy. If you had your own personal Christ to talk to, what would you say to him or her?

“I need $5000 by next Wednesday.”

“My mother died and I can’t go on.”

“The doctor says it’s inoperable.”

Chances are, Jesus would tell you a simple solution, you’d try it, it would work, and everything would be good.

Jesus looked at how the flowers don’t have to worry, toil, or spin. They just are, and so was he.


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