3 Ways to Stop Worrying

Worrying about things tends to make them worse.  “Fret” will never be an answer to the WWJD question. We know we generally feel better without heavy psychological burdens, but how can we learn to relax in the the face of trials, lack, and the other slings and arrows of life? Glad you asked….

1. Be mindful-Whether we are awake or asleep, the mind is always churning, but how often do you think about what you’re thinking about? If you listen to your own mental processes, you may be surprised how much negativity seeps out. I’ll never finish all this work in time…Oh yeah, I’m definitely getting sick…We simply can’t afford it…Once you become aware of how much of a curmudgeon you can be, the door is open to improve. Unless you enjoy being dusted and disgusted, frame all thoughts as optimistically as possible.

2. Count your blessings-For all the things that can and do go “wrong” in a given day, there are always many more things that go “right.” Take your attention off of whatever it is you don’t have and feel some appreciation for what you do have. Literally, make a list of all the wonderful things you’ve done and received, and bask in those happy moments a little as the list gets longer each day. Doing this will make your worries smaller and smaller.

3.  Face difficulty head on– I used to procrastinate with my school work. When it was due, I worried that the teacher would fail me, tell my parents, forbid me from going on that big field trip….The agony that came with worrying about not doing the assignment was way worse than the discomfort that may have come from just turning off the TV for an hour and getting it done. Learn to attack the situations fate presents. Wrestle them to the ground. Send for back up if necessary. Even if you don’t win this round, the fight will make you stronger.


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