Feel How You Want to Feel

When you get your mail, have you ever noticed that bills feel different than checks?

When I get a check in the mail, especially an unexpected one, it gives me a good feeling inside. I smile as I think about how I can put it to use. The burdens of life feel just a little lighter when I deposit it and watch the balance grow, however slightly.

When I get a bill in the mail, especially an unexpected one, I have to catch myself.  It feels like another drain on my limited resources; a hindrance standing between my family and our financial goals. Part of me doesn’t even want to open it, but I fight past the dread because I know ignoring it will only make it worse. Maybe you’ve experienced this, too. Even though it’s all paper, bills and checks virtually feel different when you hold them or fold them in half.




Is this how any of us want to feel?

If not, we have the power to change it. Personally, I realize that my utility bill isn’t negative at all because my family is warm in the winter and we use the stove whenever we get ready. I’m grateful for these luxuries and the work that makes them all possible. The utility bill can never be bad; it’s only my attitude toward it that can stink. What does a negative attitude accomplish? It puts us in a bad mood, which will make all sorts of great people and opportunities run away from us.

What’s even more profound is the fact that we begin to believe and experience the things we tell ourselves over and over. Don’t be the person who tells herself she’s never going to make it, then gets depressed when she doesn’t make it, then becomes envious of those who are making it. Why not tell yourself you’re going to make it? If you feel sad and want to be happy, tell yourself you are happy. It’s not really lying because if you keep repeating it, soon enough you will have a memory or get a phone call or something will happen that will make you feel truly joyous. The same is true if you tell yourself you are beautiful, sick, depressed, wise, confused, rich, or whatever. You have the power, so start now feeling how you most want to feel.


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