It Is As You Say…

…That is Jesus’ response in Luke 23:3 when Pilate asked him if he was King of the Jews: “It is as you say.”

Eminem has a similar sentiment in the hook of one of his songs: “I am whatever you say I am. If I wasn’t, then why would you say I am?”

Last night, I did a spot on a show at the Comic Strip Live in New York. Before the show, a comic I know in passing walked up to me and starting congratulating me on all the commercials I’ve been in lately. The one where I’m in the “office jungle” was particularly hilarious. Every time he sees it, he tells all his friends that he knows that guy. He’s making himself look good by making me look good, he explained.

I’ve never been in a commercial. Even though he addressed me as Seth, he has me confused with Kyle Grooms. Half the comedians in New York City have me confused with Kyle Grooms. I always have to correct people on that. I don’t know Kyle, but apparently, he’s really good-looking, smart, and funny.

I decided not to correct this guy. I didn’t lie and tell him fake details about my career, but I did let his praise wash over me. Felt pretty good.

I decided a while back not to be so quick to correct people all the time. They’re like bank errors. If it’s going to cost me, I’ll work to set the record straight. If it’s in my favor, I’ll probably wait for them to figure it out. Is that wrong?


2 responses to “It Is As You Say…

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  2. Now as an older, wiser Seth Pickens, I can see how this sort of behavior is not completely on the level. Chances are, I’m doing more to stroke my own ego than for anyone else.

    At the same time, everyone got to bask in a pleasant moment. Besides, I wouldn’t mind being in commercials. Perhaps I’m merely walking into my destiny.

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