Itchy Nose Means Someone’s Talking About You

Someone told me Saturday that when your nose itches, it means someone is talking about you. This one would be tougher to prove than the one about your palm itching. Any word on where these bits of folk wisdom come from would be appreciated.


3 responses to “Itchy Nose Means Someone’s Talking About You

  1. I’ve heard the one that says Someone is talking about you if your ear itches and the one about death coming in threes. Perhaps these culture-stition were created to explain the way people experience life. What ever the reason, these ridiculous and sometimes riveting beliefs can make culture very interesting.

  2. It comes from Japan. It was in Various anime…like if someone were to say “I wounder how so-and-so is doing” That person that is being talked about will sneeze, and say somthing about THEM.

    EX: Songo- “Miroku, I wounder how Kagome is doing…”
    Miroku:”She might be with Inuyasha.”

    Kagome: “ACHOO!!”
    Inuyasha: “Are you sick?” *sniffle* “ACHO!”
    Kagome: “No but I think you can go with Miroku and Songo now, I bet they are talking about us… don’t let them think anything too harsh.”

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