Babies of the Future

My 3 month old baby watches TV.

He also stares at computer screens, mirrors, and people making funny faces, but that’s not as alarming.

About 2 days after we brought him home from labor and delivery I noticed his eyes were fixed on the screen. I had a mind to turn it off right then and there, but it’s already too late.

Not that watching TV is bad. We’ve all met hyper-educated people who claim not to watch TV, but few if any claim not to like it. You may not like the local news or TMZ or reality shows, but the medium is here to stay as my son has taught us.

I haven’t got to teach him the alphabet, the 23rd Psalm, or even how to hold a fork, but he knows how to watch TV. And he’ll watch anything, which is where we come in as parents, I suppose.


2 responses to “Babies of the Future

  1. I am almost embarassed to admit that my three month old watches television, but the reality is he does. He also uses a pacifier and has been know to have on a onesie and sleepers underneath his snowsuit. I always promised myself that when I became a parent I’d be superparent and my child would only eat organic food, be able to spell his name by the first week and quote countee cullen on command. The truth is my son is precious, he’s wide eyed and extremely observant. He may watch television now, but he also listens to his father’s sermons, can distinguish my voice in a crowded room and offer a comforting smile when I am dealing with a hard day at work. He’s a wonder, a precious gift from God. Perhaps his fascination with television is his intuitive mind at work with all the colors and sounds. Who knows. I do know that he is loved and healthy.

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