Cheating and Lying

The mayor of Detroit, Michigan is in the news. Feel free to google the details, but it doesn’t look good for him. One of my best friends, a federal prosecutor not involved with the case, is predicting that the mayor will do some jail time.

It is alleged that he was intimate with his chief of staff. They were both married at the time, just not to each other.

What amazes me about the situation is that he’s not getting in trouble for potentially philandering, but only for lying about it during a trial.  Similarly, Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for what he did with Monica Lewinsky, but only for lying to Congress about it. 

The lesson: in our society lying is worse than cheating.

When the other criminals ask him what he’s in for, “fibbing about text messages” may not earn a great deal of cred on the cell block.

Seriously, my prayers go out to all the parties involved. I’m a huge proponent of forgiveness myself. Unfortunately for them, it’s not my call.


One response to “Cheating and Lying

  1. Lying and cheating go hand in hand. Even if we cheat and don’t get caught, it is the lie we tell ourselves that haunts the soul. When you lie, you only cheat yourself out of the personal joy of self-control.

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