Pay Yourself a Compliment

It’s a fact that everyone needs encouragement. There is no one who doesn’t benefit from hearing some something nice about him or herself.

Compliments feel good because someone has noticed the effort we’ve put in or the natural talent we have. But to elaborate on an earlier post, it’s not necessary to wait (or fish) for kind words from others. Simply pay yourself the compliment that you would most like to hear.

But it means more coming from someone else.

Why? Do you value everyone else’s opinion more than you value your own? Feedback from others is a crucial part of personal development. But the fact is, people will almost never give you all the praise you actually deserve. Most likely, they either don’t know the depths of your awesomeness or the depths of your need to hear something nice about that awesomeness. Even sadder, they do know, and they’re too mean to cough up the compliment.

Once again, happiness can only come from within. So tell yourself you’re beautiful, talented, generous, or whatever you need to hear to feel better, and by all means, believe it.

The ironic thing is that when you begin to believe all those lines you’re feeding yourself, other people notice, too, and the compliments really start coming your way. Not that you need them.


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