Mercury Retrograde

For the next few weeks, Mercury will appear to be traveling in reverse orbit from our vantage point. It’s kind of like how a truck passing you on the highway can make you feel like you’re moving backwards for a while.

The astrological experts say that certain things don’t work well during this time. Like when filling out a form, we’re more prone to make a mistake and have to start over or you may lose your cell phone or notice your watch stopped working. These things happen all the time.

For example, this is the third posting I’ve tried in this hour. I can’t seem to get it right, and I’m blaming the Mercury retrograde.

The first blog attempt was about how “minister, priest, rabbi” jokes aren’t actually anti-Semitic because the rabbi is always the shrewd one.

The second aborted post was about how we as humans are capable of anything. The average person can feel joyful, sad, pious, perverse, violent, and peaceful all in the same day. We  are capable of feeling and acting on the whole gamut of emotions. Since we can do it all, we have the power to choose which emotions we want to focus on. I’d then hopefully point you toward a choice for happiness and its derivatives, though only you can decide what that means for you.

But neither of those got written, even though I did buck the Mercury retrograde trend by incorporating both ideas into this posting.

Even though everyone is an individual, few deny that there is some validity to the personality traits associated with people’s “signs.” There’s just as much validity to other astrological wisdom. Sure, it sounds far out to talk about my Saturn return or the full moon in Capricorn. But knowing about these things can save you from walking in to a lot of traps.


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