Life Sucks and You Deserve It

One day I walked past a group of strangers. There was a young man on a cane, his foot heavily bandaged. I heard him explaining to a friend that he messed up his foot stomping on someone else. He was stomping on a guys ribcage. He stomper stomped so hard that one of the stompees ribs broke through the flesh and splintered into the stompers foot. They went to the emergency room together.

That’s an interesting twist of fate and it’s funny how you walk past people and catch amazing conversation snippets. 

Even though I don’t know them, I would guess that both of them had it coming and they deserve what they got. That’s true for all of us no matter how good or bad our lot seems.

Karma means “results of actions.” Each little good deed, bad attitude, food choice, unseen action we take–they all have an unavoidable impact on the rest our lives. Chances are, the next time something really great or really terrible comes to pass in your life, you will have played a major role in making it happen by doing enough little things to make it unavoidable.


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