Scientology is Probably All Right

Jesus teaches that a tree is known by its fruit. So if a religion empowers people to believe that they can solve any problem and reach the pinnacle of their chosen profession, what’s the problem?


5 responses to “Scientology is Probably All Right

  1. Scientology is probably as conservative and restricting as popular Christianity. They both rely on their limited interpretations to govern. Still waiting for the Love religion to catch on.

  2. Seth, I hate to say it, but I disagree with you. Have you read about the horror stories of former Scientologists? You really should. And perhaps read up on the numerous court cases and their less then legal activities. The Church of Scientology yields a beautiful fruit – but don’t bite it. Their’s is rotten and worm infested.

    Now, if you mean Scientology outside the church? I’ve heard of groups like this existing, but they don’t use the term “Scientologists” to avoid being sued.

    Please, seriously look into it.

  3. Most if not all religions have had some people do some terrible things in the name of that religion. If I said “Christianity is a beautiful thing,” someone could disagree based on the Crusades or priests molesting children or a dozen other histoical facts that taint the church’s image. But that doesn’t make Christ’s message of unconditional love any less powerful. The institution may very well be corrupt, but if there are many people being helped, there must be some redeeming value there.

  4. While it is true that most religions have a violent past due to the flaws inherent in humanity, there is a big difference between these religions and the Church of Scientology. In the case of other religions, it was due to the fact that man had twisted or misunderstood the doctrine of the religion. In the case of the CoS, the ideas and writings of L. Ron Hubbard are very clear; win, and win at whatever cost. They are not twisting or misunderstanding the leader of their faith, they are carrying his words out to the letter.

    When you pull yourself away from the immoral activities of the CoS and look at only the material that is provided by the church for public consumption does Scientology seem like a reasonable religion. Please, take a look at their history and the words of their founder and think about it.

  5. Thanks for that link to the Hubbard Quotes. There’s no denying that his rhetoric sounds like part Machiavelli, part Hitler. I’m suggsting that his movement is not any worse than any other tradition out here.

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