The Money-Getting Church

One of the things people don’t like about church-going is the collection plate–especially when it pops up 3 or 4 times in one service.

Churches are made up of people, so churches need money just like people need money.

The spirituality people reap from churches is not a product or a service in the traditional sense. If you want x number of tires, it costs you y number of dollars. Want installation plan B? That’ll run you z dollars.

The healing and wholeness that churches at their best provide is compensated differently. Spiritual gifts and other forms of charity must be freely given, not sold. When people’s lives are radically improved as a result, they stand in line for more. Giving money feels more like a grateful tribute than a necessary tariff.

As long as the church is giving to the people like she’s supposed to, the people will give to the church like they’re supposed to.

If the leadership over-delivers or under-delivers, so will the followers.

It’s spiritual quid pro quo.


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