Flip Your Jealousy

I was speaking with a close friend over the weekend. We were talking about getting rich. And when I say rich, I don’t mean healthy, spiritually fulfilled, surrounded by friends, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about rich rich.

As we brainstormed, I concluded that the first thing someone has to do to get rich is decide that it’s all right to do so.

So many of us resent the wealthy or assume that most of them are greedy or corrupt. It’s because of jealousy.

Jealousy is a real emotion, and emotions can be powerful motivators for action.

When I meet people who are doing what they want to to, people for whom work doesn’t feel like work, I admire them for it. If they’re making boatloads of money in the process, I turn green.

But I’m learning how to turn envy into a positive. Seeing the things that other people have doesn’t cause me to focus on what I don’t have (as much as it used to). Instead, I look at the possibilities. If a Range Rover is possible for the guy next to me at the light, it’s possible for me. I let him and his car inspire me, bring me psychically to his level of abundance. Why think of your own life in terms of lack?

By deciding what I’m capable of and why it’s imperative, ideas about how to achieve it begin to trickle in.

From there, all you need is the courage to take a risk when others think you’re crazy, the perseverance to see it through when the odds are against you, the wisdom to make it work long-term, and enough humility to not lose your soul even as you gain the world.

No big deal.


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