Answer Your Phone

If you’re technologically advanced enough to read a blog, you probably rely on Caller ID on a regular basis.

Stop it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Caller ID. I always look at it to mentally prepare myself for the ensuing conversation. It makes a difference whether it’s my Mom calling or the boss.

But there’s a slippery slope there. It’s too easy to discriminate.

Oh, that’s just Janice, I can’t talk to her now.

I don’t recognize that number, could be a bill collector. Let it go to voicemail.

Nine times out of ten, you don’t know exactly what Janice is calling about, as predictable as she can be. And even if it is a nasty bill collector, how does ignoring him/her help your situation?

Grow up and answer your phone. Keep tabs on the voicemail. You have no idea what blessings are in store for you through your phone.

I can’t imagine how you could become successful by constantly dodging the people fate has brought into your life.

Talk to everyone. Be clear about why you’re on the phone with them, meet the objective, and hang up.


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