Just Go For It

Be careful not to put the cart of position before the horse of passion.

I fell into this trap myself recently. I had started telling myself, if some church would make me their pastor, some publisher discover my talents, some foundation drop a grant in my lap, then I could really go about fulfilling my mission of helping others grow spiritually. Until then, my hands are tied.

Allow me to be the first to admit that this mode of thinking is incorrect, counter-productive, anti-success, and frankly, backwards.

What I’ve come to realize is that I should simply fulfill my mission. Even if my long term goals require greater resources than I have now, there are some steps I could take with what I have today. Many people are afraid to succeed because they are afraid to start off small.

I met a woman recently who owns a growing business. It’s a thriving kennel, groomer, dog-walking service, and pet store. Twelve employees, several thousand square feet of space (in New York City, no less), and her annual revenue is going up steadily every year.

She told me she got into the business because she loves dogs and used to walk them to make money when she was in college. She was so good at it that her clientele grew and grew. When an elderly couple was desperate to sell their kennel and retire to Florida, she was a natural fit because she had grown into it. If she had been too lazy or proud to scoop poop or get tangled up in the leashes back in college, she never would have had this multi-million dollar opportunity that is her reality.

Find the thing that you love to do, start doing it, and most importantly, stay with it. You may not feel like doing it every single day, but so what? Your best bet is to persevere.

Start small, but start. As Jim Rohn says, you can’t change your situation overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

Don’t wait for anyone else. Start now going where you want to go. Do all that you can with what you have, and the plan will continue to unfold.


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