Why I Like Those Corny Affirmations

Why do I love repeating little positive phrases to myself?

Because they work.

The fact is, anything you repeat to yourself long enough will begin to happen for and to you. The question is, what are you repeating to yourself?

“I’m sick of this stress”

“I feel sexy”

“There’s no way I can afford it”

“I love what I do”

Any given week, all four of those phrases could enter the mind of the average person in this country.

If all you have to do be beautiful is tell yourself you’re beautiful, why don’t more people follow this simple recipe?

It’s not that we don’t want our lives to change. Rather, often we don’t want to be the ones to do the changing. It actually takes a great deal of concentration and mental energy in order to make any kind of significant transformation. We all want to be healthy and wealthy, and some feel miles away from it. Yet, how many of them take more than a few steps in any one direction before losing interest or giving up?

Lately, I’ve been telling myself, “I have sufficient confidence to pursue and attain my goals” and, “all of my needs and wants are provided for.” Sure, it sounds hopelessly Stuart Smalley. But even that guy is a huge success in his own right.


One response to “Why I Like Those Corny Affirmations

  1. I really believe this theory of suggestion – auto-suggestion works. I actually have a ritual every night where I repeat to myself out loud – “I am getting better in each and every way every day.” I repeat this 20 times – aloud. As well it is done each morning – usually in the shower…

    If you want to make the ideas you have written about really SPRING into action there is two things you should do.

    1. Personalize it – so – instead of I am getting better every day – It becomes You speaking to yourself – saying – Benny – You are getting better every day in every way!

    2. And try to only make these positive – so do not say “I am sick of stress” Say Benny you feel relaxed, you feel great bout yourself and about your life”


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