The Importance of Deadlines

I have great ideas all the time.

Too many of them, I must admit, never get realized.

There are different reasons for this, but so much of it has to do with the fact that I never set a time whereby a particular thing must be completed.

In grad school, I wrote every single paper that they assigned me. I wasn’t terribly interested in all of the topics, but I managed to get them all done, and in a timely manner. If I missed a deadline, that only put more pressure on me to get it finished. I may have needed to miss some other event or even pull an all-nighter, but I got it done.

Fast forward two years. I’m out of school, and every writing project I come up with is something that I can pursue passionately, yet the completion rate is lower than it was in boring school.

Yes, I’m married with a kid and a 40 hour per week job. This is a very different reality from when I was in school, but does it justify me not being able to finish the projects I enthusiastically start?

If the passion is there, sometimes all you need is a deadline. For example, my first ebook will be completed by March 4. I’ll probably have to lock myself in a room at some point to force the productivity, but be it resolved: the finished product is on its way.

I happen to believe that the world needs to hear what I have to say, so I’m willing to push myself a little in order to get the info out there.

Also, this particular ebook is a money-making scheme.

Whatever motivates you, set deadlines, dates by which specific actions must be completed. Everyone else imposes them on you. Taxes are due by a certain date because if they weren’t, many of us would never get around to paying. Impose them on yourself. Challenge yourself; be as diligent as you are imaginative, and things will go well.


One response to “The Importance of Deadlines

  1. Just a little story, because you know I can relate…

    John Coltrane was writing music and the kids were annoying him, and basically all that was going on in the house was getting in the way of his work.

    He kissed Alice on the cheek, went upstairs and didn’t come down for 3 days. What he wrote was ‘A Love Supreme’. Which was a love letter to God.

    It worked for him, I’m sure it will work for you.


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