Like Son, Like Father

Never mind that he’s not quite 5 months old. When I look at little Sethie sometimes, I have to think, “This is really a nice guy.”

He has one of those sincere and contagious smiles. He’s much less inhibited in public than I am. If he’s smiling at you, resistance is futile.

He whines and complains in his own way, but only when he’s truly uncomfortable. There are about 4 different reasons why he cries, and about 4 different ways to get him to stop. Simple.

I like to think he’s smarter and generally more robust than the vast majority of people his age. Still, when you think of babies, even mediocre ones, they tend to be sweet and loving and they attract a great deal of attention as a result.

When does all of this change? Somewhere between learning how to count and that first paycheck, anger, revenge, fear, guilt, and stinginess all creep in and develop as a part of our personalities.

My best guess is that we get it from our parents. Not that they want us to be as insecure and mean as they have learned to be, but parenthood is an all-or-nothing proposition.

So, if I want my kid(s) to turn out right, I guess it’s up to me to get right.


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