How to Face a Recession

“The next time someone asks if you’ve heard about the recession, just tell them yes, but you decided not to participate!”

That brilliant quote came from Simon T. Bailey‘s most recent newsletter. He was talking about how recessions, like everything else, come and go.

Long story short, you don’t have to worry about an economic downturn, or anything else. I realize it’s popular to complain about higher prices at the supermarket and the weakening dollar. But I find that type of talk stressful. Even multi-millionaires will tell you if you have food, clothing, and shelter, you have a whole lot to be thankful for no matter what the market does from year to year.


One response to “How to Face a Recession

  1. The real thing to do here is just not fear it. Be prepared to do what it is you need to do. Have your food, clothing and shelter in line and you are right – much to be thankful for.

    Have faith in yourself and what you can do – and your fear in regards to the recession will melt away. Faith is the anti-fear and they cannot live together. So the more faith you have in the subject at hand, the less fear you will have – and with enough faith – fear is eliminated.


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