How to Make a Million

I was talking to my wife a few days ago. I pointed out to her that we (or anyone else) would have to make roughly $20,000 per week in order to make $1 million dollars per year.

And we thought we were doing pretty good. We both have the kind of jobs that you get when you have a college degree and a few years experience in the workforce. Add our incomes together, and you have enough for food, clothhing, shelter, and babysitters, plus the occasional trip, charitable donation, or movie. It’s not bad, but it’s no $20K/week.

You ever been running on a treadmill at a brisk pace? You really feel like you’re doing something. The next thing you know, some woman with a pony tail or dude wearing Oakley’s gets on the treadmill next to you, cranks it up to twice your speed, and runs for twice as long.

The key to making a fortune is, as Jim Rohn puts it, to render fortunes of service. Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, Tom from MySpace, and all the lesser know rich people have two things in common.

1.They have shared their goods and/or services with the public.

2.The goods/services are special enough that a lot of people are willing to pay.

Everyone doesn’t have to love, want or need the idea, just a certain interested group out of the population–a market.

I know I’m right, but my words will hold more water once I make this $20K/week a reality. But by then, you may not be able to get this advice from me for free….


One response to “How to Make a Million

  1. I think the key to good fortune in blessings and finance is to work your passions, instead of simply passionately working. At the beginning of every job I’ve ever had, I passionately worked my hardest. I always put in the longest hours. I always used my own money to make things better. The problem with that is I always got burned out. It is only when I am working my passion, which for me is writing and working with children, that I maintain interest and joy, no matter what the challenge. If i can just figure a way to make that passion work for me.

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