Hypocrisy Worse than Debauchery

So Eliot Spitzer is resigning as governor of New York, and David Patterson is taking over officially today.

Other politicians have been tied up with prostitution and infidelity without having to step down. Spitzer hasn’t been brought up on any charges and probably won’t be. You know he fought his best to be able to stay in office. The outgoing governor has at least one weakness (who doesn’t?), but he’s no moron. If he could have figured a way in that conniving head of his to stay in office, he would have.

Every elected official caught in a prostitution sting has not had to immediately leave office, but he had to because he built his reputation as being “Mr. Integrity.”

The same guy who busted up prostitution rings in the name of family values and the state constitution patronizes them. No good.

Another tidbit that came out of this is the fact that he comes from a wealthy family. Not a huge surprise, I guess, but I don’t think John and Jane Q. Voter knew that his father is worth hundreds of millions in Manhattan real estate. As far back as his first political campaign, he didn’t want it known that his Dad financed him.

The moral of the story is to be authentically yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being a spoiled playboy. Many of our favorite political leaders were and are just that. Abuse substances and/or women, and we have shown that historically, we are willing to forgive. Just don’t live a double life.


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