Make Magic

Holy Week and the Easter season have me thinking about Jesus and all of those miracles.

Like all good Christians and all good salespeople, I believe in miracles. I’ve “performed” a few in my day, crazy as it sounds. They start in your mind (like everything), and then next thing you know, the impossible just happened.

The fact is, we bring all sorts of things into our lives everyday. It’s the way the mind works–think about something and it happens to you. Miracle-makers do this with a lot of faith and concentration, and it pays off. John Q. Public does it unconsciously, and ends up with the flu.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of people considered this hogwash. I know that we are rational to a fault these days, but why? So much of the world lives and dies by manipulating the subtle life forces in the ether and in their heads. Even medieval Europe was a magical place. What happened?

One guess is that inventions have replaced magic. Who needs a magic carpet when you can fly or drive everywhere?

As for telepathic communication over long distances? You could spend a year attempting to master the art so that you could vibe with the other 7 weirdos in the Rosicrucian study group. Or, you could get a cell phone since most everyone prefers that technology to anything mystical.

It seems that since we have instant hair, oatmeal, credit, and everything else, we’ve stopped taking the time to create things the old fashioned way. Who needs to turn water into wine when there’s a whole box of it waiting for you at the 24 hour quick-mart?

So much of what the world has to offer is readily available, some of us have forgotten (or never really known) how much we have to offer.

I’m here to tell you, you have a lot to offer.


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