It’s All Your Fault

Are you mad about any aspect of your current lot in life?

It’s all your fault.

Others can and do influence us by bringing us to their level for better or worse. Hopefully, you have many more friends and associates who inspire and challenge you than people who discourage you. But if you don’t, it’s all your fault.

Not enough income?

Not enough people reading your blog?

Not enough time to do what you most want to do?

Hurt from ramming your head against a figurative or literal brick wall?

Am I talking to you or me here?

Who can give you more time, earn you more money, or make you change your attitude and behaviors? You.

So, if it hasn’t happened for you yet, it’s your fault. Once you see yourself as a victim not of circumstances, but of your own thought patterns, you will be able to change the thoughts, and the circumstances have no choice but to follow suit.

People are jerks and don’t generally have your best interests at heart. There, I said it. Now that you know this, decide which direction YOU want to go in life and proceed.

The good thing about fault is that it cuts both ways. If you are successful, rich, healthy, happy, and at peace, you will have to take all the blame for that, too.


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