How to Get What You Want

“A guy once had a dog that peed on his couch every day. Every single day, when he came home from work, he found his dog had peed on the couch.

One day, he decided enough was enough. He was going to train that dog to do right. When he came home and spotted the pee on the couch, he hit the dog with a newspaper and threw her out the (first floor) window to teach her a lesson. The same thing happened for several days: the man would come home, find the dog peed on the couch, hit it with a newspaper, and throw it out the window.

After a few weeks of this, the dog learned its lesson. When the man came home, there was still pee on the couch. But as he went to roll up his newspaper, the dog went ahead and jumped out of the window….”

Bosses, parents, spouses, take note. No matter how boneheaded your counterpart seems, no matter how angry they make you, lashing out at their “ignorance” will rarely if ever get you the outcome you desire.

Do you see how the person who’s flipping over tables, screaming at the top of his lungs for a little peace and quiet has little real desire for peace or quiet?

Lavishly praise the things you like, and you’ll see more of them before long. Respond to ugliness with ugliness, and you are guaranteed to experience more (and more) ugliness.


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