The Alley-Oop

When I was on the basketball team in eighth grade, Jeff McKinnon threw me an alley-oop on a fast break. I couldn’t dunk then, but I jumped up, caught the ball, and laid it in off the glass. Crowd, coaches, teammates–everyone went bonkers.

That was obviously a long time ago, but I can’t get it out of my head. Even if I live to be 90 and come down with the type of Alzheimer’s that makes you attack your children with a broom, I’ll still be able to sit in my rocker and recount that magical play.

The non-verbal communication that goes into the “oop” is the most amazing part. Jeff and I hadn’t planned it out. We saw the window of opportunity at the same time and went for it.

Synergy is just as rare in the real world as it is on the court. Anytime two or more people can come together and accomplish something neither could alone, it’s noteworthy, but the conditions have to be right.

When was your last alley-oop, on or off the b-ball court? Not just your last slam dunk, your last alley-oop? Do the people around you even have the ability to make great plays? If so, does it happen as often as you’d like? Are new teammates an option? Or would a little extra coaching bring out their potential?

The masses are just waiting to see people like you who can pull off something amazing. Amazing never gets old.


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