Newsflash-Morehouse Recruits Smart People

In all humility, I am proud of a lot of things in my life. I’m over 6 feet tall, left-handed, an above-average public speaker, married to a truly lovely woman, taught myself how to juggle, can catch small pieces of food in my mouth when thrown in my general direction….

When I humbly consider all the wonder that is me, the fact that I graduated from Morehouse College eight years ago this week ranks toward the top of the list. Anytime she’s in the news, I pay attention.

Alma Mater‘s most recent media blitz has been around the fact that this year’s valedictorian is white and Morehouse is historically a college for black men.

There have been white students before. When I was there, one was vice-president of the student government and another was on the basketball team.

But this is different. Valedictorian is the highest honor a student can receive, and a lot of the Morehouse community seems to be upset–either that a white boy got the top spot or at the media’s flocking to him or at the rest of the students for letting him “win.”

I’m personally happy for him and the school. I was in the running for valedicatorian myself. I was knocked out of the running about 72 hours into freshman year, but I can imagine how much effort it took to make it.

I see him as another bright, driven brother who will represent the college well down the road.

A friend pointed me toward this charming white supremacist web forum where they think that any white person would naturally excel at a “nigger college” because the bar is set so low there. It’s hard not to say something sarcastic and racially divisive here, so I’ll just say….

Ignorance is, was, and remains, bliss.


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