Truth and Lies in Marketing

I was on the street this morning and a bus with a billboard on the side rode by. It was moving too fast for me to see what product or service the billboard was advertising. All I saw was the words “You Look Tired” pass in front of me. About an hour before that, I heard a commercial on the radio that didn’t ask, but told the listeners, “….gas and food prices have become too much and you’re drowning in debt….” That one was for a credit counselor.

Marketers don’t know anything about you. They just throw out a message to a big group of people. A percentage of those people will believe what is being said and respond. It doesn’t have to be true, positive or helpful, they just want someone to buy it. Maybe I’ll put up a sign:

“Read The Seth Pickens Blog: because you have virtually no initiative, friends, or money to enjoy real entertainment.”


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