Ace Your Next Job Interview

You’re generally qualified, on time, and well-dressed. You asked some questions in the job interview, and it ended with a “we’ll definitely be in touch”….but you didn’t get the job!

Next time you want to really get that interviewer (or anyone) on your side, try mirroring that person. If they sit ramrod straight, so do you. If they blink a lot, so do you. If they talk really fast, so do you. If they cross their legs, recline, and rest their chin on their fist, so do you. Get it?

You can be pretty blatant without the other person catching on, but it’s better to be subtle about it.

Sounds silly, works like magic. When you leave, the other person will have a memorable impression of you. There will be something about you that was different from the rest, something about you they liked. All other things being equal, a little harmless mirroring can tip the scales in your favor.


One response to “Ace Your Next Job Interview

  1. Here’s a testimonial from the guy who inspired this post. I’ll let you know if he gets the job….

    “Before a recent job interview, I called a good friend and asked for the type of advice that would put me over the top. He mentioned ‘mirroring.’ Admittedly, I was a little confused, but as he explained it, it started to make more sense. The advice was to mimic the hand gestures, tone, affectations, and general mannerisms of the people who were conducting the interview. It started with my initial walk down the hall with the main person, I walked at her speed, legs in tandem, and spoke at her volume level and cadence. Once I was in the interview room, I folded my hands exactly like the individual asking me the initial questions. He was the least impressed in the room when the interview began. When he spoke, I listened, and matched his tone as well. Eventually, I noticed him noticing me subtly mimicing him. I noticed a faint smile, and after being initially dismissive and reserved, he later became the most vocal and engaging individual asking me questions. My tone matched his and the more it happened, the easier it was to win the rest of the room over, as I basically repeated the same actions with everyone I met. Needless to say, I left that room much better than I entered it, and it was all because of the advice I received, and the mirroring that I did.”

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