Figuring Out “How”

Have you ever wanted something, but since you didn’t know how to make it happen, you just gave up?

I am finding that that once I get clear on “why” I have to accomplish/attain something, the “how” begins to unfold.

I remind myself why a particular thing is essential to me, why it’s important, why its time has come, why I know it’s possible, why doing/getting it will make me feel the happiness I am ultimately seeking.

Once I remind myself of those whys, the how looks a little different. Sometimes, I realize that what I thought I wanted isn’t exactly what I wanted after all.

Once I’m convinced about the way this thing is going to enhance my quality of life and bring me closer to the person I’m meant to be, the “how” magically appears.

The whole plan for that new job or house or emotional healing could be laid out before you, but if you don’t have the confidence and discipline to carry it out, there’s little hope. Again, when you know exactly why you’re doing something, that gives you courage. When it’s a matter of life and death or if your family’s well being is on the line, you tend to be more heroic, which is the way you should be all the time.

Understanding why we want to do something is a good way to become clear on how we’re going to get it done.


2 responses to “Figuring Out “How”

  1. Your signature on the last email directed me to your site.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me a better understanding of what drives you.

    All the best in your pursuits.



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