Don’t Consider the Source

CAVU-Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited-

It’s an areonautical term that describes the best type of weather for flying. When conditions are CAVU, there’s no limit to what you can see and where you can go, or at least it feels that way to the person flying.

George H. W. Bush, a pilot in WWII, uses this term to describe his own life. He feels like there have been no boundaries in terms of what he has been able to envision and accomplish; no horizons to fence him in.

I find that concept inspiring, yet I have had some trouble adequately sharing it with others. I have tried to say, “I was watching a documentary on Bush Sr., and he was talking about living a life that was CAVU-ceiling and visibility unlimited.” Most of the people I know will totally tune out as soon as they hear the name Bush. Like nothing good could be related to that name.

It’s not just the liberal-leaning democrats who are guilty of this. Try telling a right-winger about the time you heard Al Sharpton point out the historical precedent for today’s terrorists becoming tomorrow’s allies. That is profound and true, but if you’re decidedly Anti-Sharpton, you’ll probably scoff at the source, if you hear the message at all.

Ever try sharing some of the wisdom of the Buddha with a staunch Christian? Even when Jesus Christ and Buddha’s sayings are parallel, just using the B word around some Christians causes them to shut down.

We have to be careful not to do this in our own lives. When someone is trying to tell you something, glean the wisdom of what they’re talking about, don’t judge the source because you’ll miss the message. Besides, you don’t really know the source, anyway.


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