My First Father’s Day

It was a great day; a few presents and cards, a few phone calls and texts, a pint of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at 1100 calories. This time last year, my wife was visibly pregnant, so I got some Father’s Day wishes then. But having a living, breathing child earns you a lot more credibility. Our sitter was the first person to say HFD to me, and it really sunk in: I’m 30 and I’m one of the grown ups now.

I forget that I’m an adult sometimes because I still look to my parents and other elders for advice. Of course I realize I’m an adult–I’m married, I go to work everyday, pay for my own rental cars and dental co-pays…adulthood has been slapping me upside the head for a few years now.

But fatherhood is something else–especially as the kid gets older and actually recognizes me. He really melts my heart. If you know me, you know I’m a nice guy, but my heart is not one to melt. The only time that has ever happened was when Isis and I started dating-I was gone! She’s still my tootsie-pop, but even she can testify to the fact that I can be ice cold for extended periods if I choose. Jay-Z calls it “no passion, no patience.”

But now that I’m a real man, I understand that sort of hardness is not real manhood, and it’s certainly not real fatherhood. I realize that I’m only a father because of my wife and son, so Father’s Day is really a tribute to them. I still expect presents and a certain free reign on the day, of course, but as long as the attention is on me, I’m happy to acknowledge their role as well.


One response to “My First Father’s Day

  1. Wow man, thats deep. When people you grew up with start having kids I think you realize that you’re not to far from it. Congrats.

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