On Don Imus

Being black and all, I know I’m supposed to be outraged by Imus’ comments, but I just don’t see it. 

He pointed out that Adam “Pacman” Jones was African-American and had been arrested multiple times since being drafted in 2005.

Those things are true, so where’s the major problem? I mean, did this really need to be one of the top stories on today’s Today show?

Besides, Jones is a public figure and Imus is in the talk radio game. Every talk radio host in 21st century America discusses race and public figures. NPR does it all the time. Plenty of black radio hosts make controversial and disparaging comments about white people every day of the week. I don’t know what they’re saying on those Spanish-speaking morning shows, but I’m sure they spend part of the time making fun of the rest of us.

The I-man and everyone else should pretty much be allowed to say what they want. We say worse in closed company, anyway. You can’t go around calling people nappy-headed hos over the airwaves (unless you’re black). But you can certainly talk about race and society, and if you happen to be a little sarcastic along the way, more people will listen, for better or worse.

Seriously, let me know if I’m a sellout, but I think being outraged and demanding apologies is too easy. I’d rather see a black journalist or leader go on Imus and have a real talk about the joys and sorrows of humanity, black and otherwise.


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