Read Your Horoscope

As I’ve said before, there is something to this horoscope business. Yesterday, I read mine from Free Will Astrology. It asked me if I was willing to make the changes necessary to receive the love I crave. Then he said to write down the things I wanted to change on a red piece of paper. I just happened to have some red paper, so I wrote the first two things that came to mind. Two things that I know I’m going to have to do as part of growing up. I don’t know why he suggested red paper, but looking at it made me realize that until I get those 2 things straight, I don’t really deserve to call myself a spiritual leader. So the question looms larger than ever: am I willing to make those changes?

It comes back to my understanding of “integrity:” being able to integrate in all surroundings, to feel perfectly at home and in control in any situation of life. It takes guts and self denial.

O, but when you finally make those changes, the far corners of the night sky are the only conceivable limit.


One response to “Read Your Horoscope

  1. Why do we sacrifice so much for so little, integrity? maybe the changes will lead to a better way of keepeing your integrity, with some perks. God is always in control, even when we stumble.

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