Big Business’ Backwardness

Have you ever called someone’s work number, only to learn that they no longer work there?

There are a lot of companies that will not give out a new number or even email address of former employees. I understand the hesitation to share that information for safety reasons. But, let’s not forget the human factor. I’m a person, you’re a person. Too many front office people hide behind the organization’s policies and procedures for excuses not to help callers.

I’m explaining to you that me and this guy are friends; we went to high school and college together but we fell out of touch last time I moved. I know he doesn’t work there anymore, but he used to, right? He used to be your boss. He would really want you to give me his personal email address since the work email address I have is deactivated. Pretty please and by the way today’s my wife’s birthday and it would really mean a lot to her, too….

Sorry, sir, we can’t give that information….

Not, “we don’t have it,” we just can’t give it.

The person on the other end is only doing their job, I know. But their real job is to make the company look good. All businesses should protect ex-employees privacy. Current employees: follow directions and do your job, but don’t let them turn you into the tin man, or was it the scarecrow? Whichever one of them didn’t have a brain, I’m saying.


2 responses to “Big Business’ Backwardness

  1. Last paragrah has two spelling errors: All business should be all businesses

    dont let then turn you into the tin man should be don’t let them turn you…

    Nice Pat Pickens reply, huh!

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