April Crawford-A Woman Possessed

I don’t remember how I first came across April Crawford online. She’s a deep trance channel and medium, which means that all types of spirit guides and other non-physical entities communicate with us through her. They take over her body (with her permission, I think) and speak with unique accents, physical gestures, and often, a great deal of timeless wisdom. There’s one entity named Veronica who she has channeled on video several times. Veronica provides a lot of advice to people; much of it is based on the idea that humans wrongly see reality as linear–having a past, present, and future. Veronica teaches that life is not really linear, but instead, every point touches every other point. Yesterday and tomorrow aren’t really as separate as we tend to believe. All of time and space–even the past–is in our control.

The whole thing is admittedly a little spooky–if you believe it at all. But Jesus makes a very interesting point in Luke 7:35: “Wisdom is proved right by all her children.” In context, he meant that someone or something may appear unorthodox and sinful, but if there is some wisdom and righteousness to it, it will bear good fruit, no matter how it is misunderstood, judged or condemned.


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