Social Networking Sites

Social marketing sites are like night clubs–the hottest one only enjoys its “hot” status for a limited amount of time.

Way back in 2003, I was peer pressured into joining Friendster. After resisting for a while, I finally joined, and it was fun. But soon after, MySpace became the thing. “Everyone is on MySpace,” I was told. I started a page, mostly because I was told that no stand up comic could make it without a MySpace page. (Yes, I performed stand up comedy throughout NYC and in several other states for 3 years of my life. I was pretty good at it, too. Ask about me, or, make me an offer and I’ll come out of retirement.)

So I got on MySpace and racked up a couple hundred friends, most of whom I actually know. I’m comfortable on MySpace, even though I never tricked out my page. The most fascinating thing on there is probably the list of favorite books. But, I am there.

I’m also on Linked In, which feels less like a night club and more like a business mixer. It’s fine to network and even have a laugh or two, but you better be dressed like everyone else and not be eating or drinking to much, even though the food and drinks are free, metaphorically.

I have noticed the tide is shifting again. Now, “everyone” is on Facebook. I’m still in the denial/doubt phase, but I will sign up soon enough; probably once I get a recent digital picture of myself I really like.

So when will it end? Probably on the same day people stop going to nightclubs.


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