How To Get To Sleep

Anytime I cant get to sleep, I lay still and keep my eyes open. Before I know it, I’m drifting off. I forget when or how I figured this out, but trying to keep my eyes closed only makes it harder to fall asleep. After all, the best sleep comes when you’re supposed to be awake. If you’ve ever stolen some ZZZs while your supposed to be helping with chores or if your neck has ever gone soft then snapped back in a hot church, you know what I’m talking about.

Lie still and keep your eyes open. Sounds simple, but it can be a challenge, especially the part about being still. How often are any of us awake, motionless, and not watching tv? Not very often, yet it is an excellent exercise for mind and body. If you can actually do it for a minute and a half without tossing and turning, you will be well on your way to sleep. Works best for me on my back, but that may not be the best for some snorers, etc.


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