Feel Free To Dream

When I’m honest with myself, there are certain things I want in life, but I’m not always 100% sure how or even if I’m going to get them. I’m not just talking about realizing world peace or achieving detachment from life’s vices and superfluities, even though I want that, too. I’m talking about things, like a Range Rover, a basketball court at my primary residence, bigger diamonds for my wife, endowed scholarships in my name at Morehouse and Union–things.

Your list of things may not be the same as my list, but you probably have a list. Maybe you’ve never articulated it because you don’t see how it could be possible. You figure you’ll never be able to afford your dream house or anything else significant, so why waste time thinking about it?

Let me give you permission to dream. See the car, house, or other thing you want in your mind. Enjoy it. Imagine how good it feels knowing you own it and can reasonably maintain it. Let your imagination run wild….

There’s a quote that has been attributed to many people: “What would we do if we knew we couldn’t fail?” Well, we would passionately pursue the desires of our hearts. So, what’s stopping us?

The belief that we can fail.

But it’s just a belief, not an inherent fact. If you jump off the roof, you will not fly; you will slam in to the ground, no matter how hard you flap you arms. That’s fact. But if you start a business and give it your all, then your chances of soaring are much better. That’s belief.

Believe in your dreams. It’s the only way to make them come true.


One response to “Feel Free To Dream

  1. Your head is in the right place!

    I’m sure you don’t need the encouragement, however some positive vibes to compliment yours!

    “Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing, and love what you are doing.” Brian Tracey

    Dreaming is the start! Writing your dreams down turns them into Goals, doing 1 small action each day that will bring you closer towards your goal is progress. Before long you have reached your destination and realised that is was the journey that made the destination important!

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