If You Can Read This Blog…

We all take literacy for granted, but reflect for a moment about what a great gift and privilege it really is. I think about the period of enslavement in the United States. It was illegal for enslaved people to learn to read because there’s no way you can keep a rational, educated person down. Enlightenment thinkers (18th century) liked to talk about the inferiority of African people. But deep down, I think they knew that there was and is an inherent equality among all brothers and sisters of the human race. And they knew Black people were human, or else they wouldn’t have slept with so many of the females, would they have?

Back to literacy. It really does open up whole new worlds. 26 little characters arranged on a page or screen can inform you, educate you, make you laugh and cry, or inspire you to write something of your own. 

Make the most of this great gift. If you want to assemble office furniture, read the directions. If you want to be wealthy, read Think and Grow Rich. If you want to be like Jesus, read the Gospels. If you want to learn how to win friends and influence people, I think there’s a book for that, too. Just read.

When you know how to read, books have an amazing way of shaping your mind, and your mind has an amazing way of shaping your reality. You choose the books, you choose your destiny. A book a month is a solid start. Map it out, make the time, reap the benefits.


One response to “If You Can Read This Blog…

  1. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t read or at least hear the great books, the new stuff, blogs, whatever. These days (I turned 60 this year) I’m keenly aware everything I read is a decision not to read a lot of other things. The great conversation…getting to share ideas with people through the ages. Wow! Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for dropping by I-YOUniverse. Keep reading slow! J

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