Interpret Your Own Dreams

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant, medium, or shaman in order to have dreams, so you probably don’t need any particular psychic ability to interpret dreams, either. You just need to take an honest look at the details.

Write the dream down as completely as you can as soon as you can. Of the hundreds or thousands of dreams you’ve had in your sleep, you probably only remember a couple of them. They just don’t tend to stay with you that long, no matter how vivid it was at the time.

Again, the details are the most impotant part. I break the details down into three categories: 1)surroundings, 2)other people, and 3)self.

1.Surroundings: Yes you were on a lawn, but was is very green, very dry, or somewhere in between? Did it need to be cut? Could you smell it? Was it wet, dry, or just a lawn? Sometimes, you may have a dream where you are “in your house, only it’s not your house.” What is different about it from your real house? Is it more/less cluttered, larger, fancier? All of this matters because in any dream, you are trying to tell yourself something.

2.Others: Who else was in the dream? Friends, enemies, family members, co-workers, role models, celebrities, historical figures, the dearly departed, talking animals? Were they chasing you, giving you advice, wishing you well, ignoring you? Write it all out, or at least give it some conscious thought.

3. You: So you were in your underwear at work, but how did you feel about it? Were you embarrased, indifferent, or did you feel sexy when everyone saw you? Were you there in the 1st person experiencing it, were you watching things happen to you, or was it a vision of something that didn’t directly involve you? Again, how did you feel about what happened: Scared? Inspired? Sad? How sad?

There are a lot of universal symbols in dreams. Usually being chased means you’ve been avoiding something, for example. You can study up on those at your own pace, but just getting a clear idea of the details in the dream will unlock plenty about what it means for your life. Writing it down is invaluable, but telling someone about it or even just laying in bed awake and reviewing it mentally will tell you a great deal. You don’t have to read too much into it, either. If you dream that you were playing golf with your boss, but she kept changing the rules so there was no way you could win and all your co-workers were rooting for her and it was hard for you to breathe, I bet it will speak directly to your real life situation.

Dreams, even “bad” ones, are some of the truest reflections of what’s going on with us that we ever receive. The more you examine them, the clearer and more meaningful they will become for you.


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