Who Cares About John Edwards?

OK, in the “we’re all brothers and sisters under God” sense, of course I care about John Edwards. I think it’s great that he has been such an inspiration to so many, and I wish nothing but the best for his family, especially his wife as she fights cancer.

But beyond all that, am I supposed to feel any kind of way about Edwards shocking admission that he slept with another woman and his denial that he fathered her daughter?

Edwards ran for vice-president with John Kerry in 2004 and lost. He ran for president in 2008 and lost. He’s not in the senate anymore, and his sun is setting in the Democratic party. In my humble opinion, he’s publicizing this blunder on purpose as a way to stay in the public eye. He doesn’t really owe the American public an explanation, does he? Did he absolutely have to go on Nightline to set the record straight in an exclusive interview? I think going public with a very private matter was just a ploy to stay relevant. How else could he get me to write about him?


One response to “Who Cares About John Edwards?

  1. I think we all get what we deserve. Elizabeth Edwards knew about her husband’s affairs back in 2006. Had Ms. Edwards told John the fact that the affair would come out sometime (as Rielle Hunter had told many people plus she was pregnant later)? What about the 1/3 of Iowa voters who were duped by John Edwards would have helped put Hillary on top? Seems like Elizabeth has some moral issues of her own. Elizabeth Edwards drank the koolaid (like Hillary Clinton did when Bill dated Jennifer Flowers as governor for 12 years!) and refused to call her husband on his infidelities. Now, Elizabeth is stuck in the lies of John and all the after-effects. Elizabeth’s power-drunk quest for power with John left out the later feelings of three innocent victims who will forever be scarred by this enabled betrayal: the Edwards’ young chidren. God help Elizabeth’s soul!

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