Positive Influences in Hip-Hop

I generally love hip-hop. Because I grew up with it, it is a part of me. Even though the lyrics can be a little blue, and I’m “the reverend,” I still find myself bobbing my head. When I’m 60 years old, I will still probably be bumping Jadakiss, Too Short, Big Pun, and many others. The old* Beatles fans of today have their White Album, and I have my Black Album. Actually, I don’t have my Black Album. One of my classmates back in seminary stole it, go figure….

I, Seth Pickens, love rap music. That said, I heard some lyrics on the radio that concerned me recently. I actually don’t remember the artist or the song, but it was definitely on the radio. To paraphrase, the rapper said he was going to take drugs whenever he felt like it and he didn’t care if his probation officer wanted to test his urine. Said probation officer would have to catch him first.

That sort of bravado sounds great on a song. The rapper comes across as a macho, free-spirited rebel who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Problem is, there are a lot of young male hip-hop fans out there who happen to be on probation or parole. When they hear this rapper say what he said, they get inspired by the music. They think, “yeah, I don’t care what my punk parole officer says either; I’ma smoke when I want. That fool has to catch me first, anyway.”

Then they go back to jail for violating their terms, and they sit in the cell wondering who they should be mad at.

Who indeed?


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