Olympic Inspiration

As the Beijing games continue, I’m sure you’ve noticed the same thing I have recently: everybody wants to be an Olympian. There are more kids in the pools, more people at all fitness levels on the track and riding bikes, playing basketball, volleyball, and probably signing up for tae kwon do as well.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Part of the beauty of the games is that they inspire other people to push their physical limits just like the Olympians have. If this bug has hit you, by all means, go for that run–break out your baseball mitt. Don’t be ashamed if you’ve gained a little weight, or you’re not as agile as you were in high school. Just take it where you are–don’t over do it at first–and have some fun out there.

The people who are staring at you judgmentally are still stagnant. Don’t let them slow you down to their level. Stick with it, and inspire them to action, just like the Olympic athletes did for you.


One response to “Olympic Inspiration

  1. I actually decided after the close of this Olympic run that I will begin training for 2012 iMMEDiately. LOL. Doing what you may ask: I have no clue> I just figure I’ll find my talent as I train. LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog Seth.

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