For Friends and Brothers of Morehouse

The 2008 Morehouse football schedule is out. The team is playing in 3 games dubbed as “classics.” The most storied of the 3 is Morehouse-Tuskegee. This year marks the 73rd time these teams have met. Hopefully, the fighting Maroon Tigers can meet or beat last year’s respectable 7-3 regular season record.

3 Classics out of 10 regular season games. As a biased alum, I see this as a sign the the Morehouse brand is at an all time high, which is good. The other two classics are against Benedict College and Prairie View A&M. Nothing against those schools, but playing Morehouse in the milieu of a “classic” game is the highlight of their season, besides maybe Homecoming.

It’s fine that alma mater is one of the pre-eminent historically black colleges. Even better is the fact that the Morehouse name is at an all-time high in terms recognition and overall brand power.

But the Morehouse family needs to never forget that the brand is largely powered by the Mystique. A brand means nothing by itself; it is an effect of how we as an aggregate have been taught to carry ourselves through the generations. None of us is perfect; some of us are frankly shrinking away from the crown rather than answering the challenge to grow tall enough to wear it. But there are a lot of talented, driven, and honorable brothers who wear it well, and they make the rest of us look good….

The little oohs and ahhs we (sometimes) get when we tell people we went to the House, those don’t come free. You should give the school a dollar every time you get to tell someone you’re a Morehouse Man. The school owns the rights to that, plus they could use the money. Seriously, every time they introduce you at a church group function, every time you applied for a job at a law firm or investment bank and you know that name helped you get in the door, every party where you got to introduce throw a college story into a conversation with strangers, alums should pay a dollar. That’s why the transcripts aren’t free. You get to tell the graduate or professional program of your choice that you went to Morehouse. That’s a bright spot on all of our resumes, for some, it’s the highlight. It’s worth $3 dollars back to the school.

So I went from football off on a tangent. The point is, in sports, in alumni relations, and in life, just because things are going good doesn’t mean we can coast. Also, always be grateful for the blessings you’ve received, and be willing to give back.


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