Black Republicans at RNC

What’s with these black people at the RNC, really? I’m watching Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin diss Barack, and these black people are just cheering away like they couldn’t be more pleased.

I know it’s narrow-minded and bigoted for me to assume “all the African-Americans” would be voting for Obama. See my Obama joke. I respect everyone’s freedom. In fact, it can be considered a good thing that the GOP is open to diversity.

Black people still stick out like raisins in milk at the RNC. Besides, the television cameras focus on the black people as if to say, “look there are black people cheering for John McCain and against Barack Obama.”

How do these people explain themselves to their black families? How do they justify their McCain/Palin t-shirt at the back yard picnic, in the barber shop, on Sundays in their AME Zion and Church of God in Christ congregations?

There are black people out there who don’t want to see Barack Obama win this presidential election. I’d love to sit down with one and calmly get to the bottom of why they are cheerleading McCain.

I understand the choice to be a Republican based on geography, net worth, and other factors. But if Barack wins and history is made, are these black people who were supporting McCain going to really be upset?


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