Paying for the Iraq War

One result of the war in Iraq was supposed to be a greater supply of oil for U.S. consumers. There was the whole terrorism thing, but we obviously engage Iraq for their oil.

Funny then that gas prices have doubled since the war started. Wars have to get paid for one way or another. Back in World War II, I heard they used to ration food and other commodities. Even if you had the money, you could only buy so much bread, meat, etc every week because resources were scarce and had to be funneled to the war effort.

I don’t think that would fly nowadays. We probably wouldn’t fight wars at all if we really had to give up liberties like grocery shopping and driving in order to do it. Sure, the economy is a little tight (whatever that means), but we don’t have that feeling that the world has slowed down during the war.

Probably because so little of what we buy is paid for in cash anymore.

We are paying higher gas prices in order to pay for the war in Iraq which was waged to get us lower gas prices.


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