My Take on Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been getting a bad rap. People are being extra hard on her, and the sexism is evident. I’ve heard women and men state that there’s no way she’s ready to be vice-president or president.  Who is ready to be POTUS, really? I mean, when they move you in to the White House, how can you really know what you’re supposed to be doing, anyway? Do you sit there and answer all the mail that comes to you? Do you get paid every week or every other week? Someone probably does your grocery shopping for you, but can you send them out to get absolutely anything you want–anything, or is there a limit? Are you really in charge, or does someone else pretty much tell you where you need to be all the time? How can you know until you get there?

I think Palin, as a former mayor and governor, is among the most qualified people in the country. I can’t personally get behind the McCain ticket, but in this nation of 300 million+ people, how many are more qualified? I’m not. You’re not.

John McCain picked Sarah Palin to balance out his ticket. He’s a white man who’s been in the senate longer than I’ve been alive, and with an opponent like Obama, it was necessary for him to go with someone who was well outside of the presidential demographic box.

McCain picked Palin for the same reason that Obama picked Biden. Notice on both sides, we have a white guy who’s been in Washington over 30 years. Each of them is balanced out by a “history-making” candidate. Both history makers are extremely charismatic–they have to be. You have to have some serious personal magnetism to play presidential politics, and if you you’re not a white guy, you need that much more of it.

I’m not even voting for McCain/Palin. I’m one of those die-hard followers of Christ who disagrees with many die-hard Christian political views, some of Palin’s included. But to paint her as Dan Quaylesque just because she’s attractive isn’t fair. Just go vote for who you’re going to vote for. This rambling wreck of an election will reach the station soon enough.


3 responses to “My Take on Sarah Palin

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I too think that Palin is as qualified as anyone else, and a little more. A lot of the controversy existing because of her is unnecessary, but again-this is politics.

    Still, even though I can’t vote.
    Obama/Biden all the way.

  2. I am a loyal Democratic at first my vote was with Hillary, aside from that it doesn’t matter who runs. Like you said what is suppose to happen? I enjoy casting my vote when I get a chance, because of the history behind voting. I agree with you, everything does balance out.

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