A Fun Vacation

Jeffery Gitomer wrote this article in his latest newsletter, Sales Caffeine.

Great advice!

I’m just using his name and article to boost my own hits, frankly.


What do you do on vacation? What should you do?

Take vacations?
Where do you go?
What do you do?
Do you “turn everything off” or “leave your laptop at home”?
If you “need a vacation” it may just be a symptom.

I am “on vacation” at this very moment. In Nassau, Bahamas. Sitting by the pool. Relaxing. It’s sunny and 82 degrees (with the wind chill factor, that makes it 81 degrees), and I’m writing. Well actually I’m thinking, and capturing my thoughts in writing. I love to write, and even though I do it every day, vacation gives me more freedom to generate new thought.

What do you do on vacation?
Read three books?
Eat food that’s not part of your diet?
Play golf?
Just play?
Lie by the pool and read?
Ski the Alps?
Get a tan?
Relax? Just veg out?
Drink a lot?

Sometimes people party so hard on vacation, that when they get home, they need another vacation.

One common thread among the people on vacation: Everyone seems to be happy. Unless you bring your kids. Then the happiness factor reduces some. Kids wanna have total fun, parents want to restrict fun.

Why do people look forward to a vacation, besides the things I named above? Because it gives them a respite from their day-to-day responsibility.

What people fail to realize is that when they relax, and let go, ideas have a chance to “pop” into their heads. Same with you. And those ideas must be captured if you seek to take advantage of them.

Think-write-relax-think – somehow, relaxing brings the next thought. Like magic.  

You go away to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body, and there are a thousand places you can pick. Problem is you spend too much time selecting. JUST GO! And once you get there, don’t spend too much time drinking. When you’re drunk, you miss out on thoughts and ideas. And you spend half your relax time getting sober.

My vacations are selected based on:
Doing what my body tells me to do.
Doing what my mind tells me to do.
Going someplace nice. I can afford it, so I go with fun in mind, not budget.
Going someplace new. There is an excitement in a first-time visit.
Taking my laptop and all connectivity devices with me because I intend to work AND relax.

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