Why I am a Detroit Lions Fan

I grew up in Detroit, and I am committed to being a Detroit Lions fan. Never mind the fact that they are a third of the way through the season and have no wins. Never mind that they haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999.

Or had a winning season since 2002.

Forget about how when they appear in highlight films, it’s almost always as the victim of the highlight.

Who cares that their last NFL title was in 1957, some 10 years before the first Super Bowl?

The only player I could even name was Roy Williams, and he just got traded to Dallas.

And they never come on TV in New York where I live now. I don’t think I’ve seen a Lions’ football game in about 4 years.

And I’m still a fan. Why?

I’m a fan because I’m from Detroit, and I just can’t turn my back on them. I signed up in the relative glory days with Barry Sanders. I remember when they went 12-4 on the regular season and all the way to the NFC championship game back in 1991. “The Roar” left it’s mark then, and I still hear it, however faintly.

I’m not putting any money on them to win on any given Sunday, but when asked who I like, I always say “I’m a Lions fan” before I run down the other teams who are actual contenders with bona fide stars and strategies that work.

It’s a conversation starter to claim the Lions. Besides, at some point in my life expectancy, the Detroit Lions will be under new coaching, management, and ownership. They are bound to be competitive at some point in the next 80 years.

When that day comes, there will be a lot of fair weather fans from all over the country jumping on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, I’ve been claiming them all along.

Sports fans know.


3 responses to “Why I am a Detroit Lions Fan

  1. Well said. To Hell with those fans who claim they are Lions free. I’m a fan of the Detroit Lions, along with the Wings, Pistons and Tigers, first, last and always.

  2. Well, the Lions had their worst season yet since I wrote this original piece almost a year ago, but I’m still hanging on. I will always rep Detroit. Who’s with me?

  3. I’m with you. I was just talking to my dad about the worst football team ever. I don’t want to go off on the deep end but I’ve been a lions fan since Larry Holmes and Billy Sims. This year, I think we turn it around. If the Lions winning percentage can match the D’s unemployment rate (over 20%), compared to last season, we still would have improved. Time will tell.

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