An Obama World

You already know that Barack Obama won. This really is going to change the world. He is not the messiah, but he is ushering in a new era. Who would have thought: Harlem enjoying heavy voter turnout and kids dancing in the streets. 

President (elect) Obama has changed things. Finally, a person of color is president. One or two of the previous presidents had some black or native American ancestry, But Obama’s father is from Kenya. He’d be racially profiled on the highway except he never has to drive. I repeat: a lot of his family is in Kenya.

African, American, black, white, no one culture is inherently better than the other, only different, and so often misunderstood. He’s exposing the nation and world to a side of humanity about which many are heretofore uninformed. Find out about Stevie Wonder and Ludacris, John Lewis, Malcolm X, James Cone, and all the other geniuses in black who have helped to shape the man.

Also, remember that everyone’s excited now, but something may happen down the road to make a lot of those who are closely affiliated today turn away tomorrow. My loyalty to him as my Commander-in-Chief is firmly cemented. For the moment, he can do no wrong. It will be interesting to see what the world has to say about Obama 5, 10, and 20 years from now.

Having him in office can only help a brother like me. A high tide raises all boats, after all. Not that I really look like him. He looks more like me when you think about it.


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